Ube Purple Pancakes

I’m obsessed with ube, the purple yam indigenous to the Philippines. This obsession first started when I bought that box of ube purple pancake mix from Trader Joe’s, which unfortunately is a seasonal item and is no longer sold there. Now I want to see that purple hue everywhere. And apparently so does everyone else. Everywhere I go, ube powder is sold out! I specifically went to a small Filipino market called Johnny Air Mart in the East Village (Ave A between 13th and 14th) and the woman there told me that she keeps selling out of all of her ube ingredients. I did manage to find ube extract online, and when my Butterfly ube flavoring finally came in the mail, I was so excited to experiment with an ube pancake recipe. The results were fun and purple and made me so happy. I don’t need to wait around for Trader Joe’s to bring back the purple people ube eater happiness, I can do it on my own!

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