Reynard Re-Review: Brunch

curried kale and duck egg

If you’re looking for a scenic and civilized brunch in Williamsburg where seasonal, New American food is executed very well, then Reynard at the Wythe Hotel is a great spot. I’m normally not a fan of hotel restaurants, which tend to be bland since they need to have a middle-of-the-road approach to please their guests, but Reynard isn’t like that. On my last visit, I fell in love with their cast iron pancakes and was impressed by the originality of their baked eggs with crispy black rice. Sadly, these items weren’t on the menu when I returned in late January, but I did embrace the change, specifically in the form of the sourdough pancake and the frittata. I probably wouldn’t order the curried kale again, as it was a little too soupy for my liking, and the merguez sausage, while an interesting choice, was a very gamey and salty one. Overall, though, despite a few misses here and there, I was generally happy with the food and enjoyed taking in the views from the pretty, well-lit Victorian dining room filled with the attractive people of Brooklyn.    Read More

Brunch at Reynard

dining room at reynard
dining room at reynard

Hotel restaurants are not my first choice for having brunch. Brunch needs to be in a place that has some character with a lot of locals mingling about, and the somewhat staid environment of a hotel lobby doesn’t really offer that. I would, however, make an exception for Reynard, the restaurant at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. When you enter, you do feel like you are entering a very corporate version of what a nice Victorian-themed bar and restaurant should be like, and you wonder if you’ll find people wearing flannel shirts and raw denim jeans eating good old Americana-themed dishes like bacon-fat brussels sprouts or flap jacks.Read More