The 5:2 Fast Diet Day 15

fast diet - day 15

12:30 pm – bottle of green juice from BluePrint. 110 calories
5:00 pm – bowl of butternut squash soup. 180 calories
8:40 pm – cup of Fage Total 0% Greek yogurt with blueberry. 100 calories
11:30 pm – cup of fresh blueberries. ~85 calories

Total calorie intake: 475 calories
Total net loss: +0.6 lb (because the point of a starvation diet is to gain weight…)
Side effects: Avoided the 3 pm blood sugar crash. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have coffee today? Another good reason to stick to tea in general. Day 15 (fast day 5) was noticeably easier to get through than the past four. Wasn’t hangry at all, just hungry. Key to getting through this is lots of liquids–teas, low calorie juices, hot soups–and lots of distraction. A mani-pedi, trip to the masseuse, laundry–if you need to book a half day at the spa, this is the perfect day to do it!

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