The 5:2 Fast Diet Day 17

fast diet - day 17

10:00 am – ice coffee from Starbucks. ~5 calories
1:00 pm – bottle of green juice from BluePrint. 110 calories
3:00 pm – 1 large hard-boiled egg. 80 calories
6:10 pm – 1 Fage Total 0% yogurt with honey. 170 calories
7:00 pm – another large hard-boiled egg. 80 calories

Total calorie intake: 445 calories
Total net loss: -1.2 lb (Yes! Making some progress here!)
Side effects: Again, and despite the coffee, no blood sugar crash at 3:00 pm. Having the egg at that critical time probably helped. And never felt hangry! Maybe I’m winning the battle with my stubborn stomach. I even had enough energy to attend this crazy electronic dance party called Acoustica Electronica at Santos Party House in Chinatown. I was pretty fatigued and could barely make conversation with my friends, but the kinetic energy of all the people bumping into me and the thumping speakers kept me going until midnight. Ruoxi eats late night dumplings next to me and it smells soo good but the morning is just a few hours away…

People ask me if I’ve been losing weight, and I don’t think I have. I naturally tend to fluctuate 4 pounds, so any weight loss or gain I think is just part of that natural fluctuation. I’m doing this diet because I said I would do it for a month and i am a very goal-oriented person. I like to keep my word and follow through on things. And I guess the whole spiel about how starving helps your cells regenerate and delays the aging process is a motivating factor. Needless to say, I’m glad next week is my last week of fasting!!

Also, people have asked if you can workout on the fast diet. On the fasting days, absolutely not. I could barely talk to people, much less run. The morning after, however, I was still able to run and do barre exercise classes.