The 5:2 Fast Diet Day 22 vs. Regular Day 21

fast diet - day 22
why hello hot flax cereal! nice to see you again. come meet some plums.

12:45 pm –¬†bowl of Better Oats’ instant multigrain hot cereal with flax. 160 calories
4:00 pm –¬†1 large hard-boiled egg. ~80 calories
4:10 pm – 1 medium plum. ~30 calories
5:20 pm – 1 packet of Kikkoman wakame seaweed soup. 35 calories
6:00 pm – another large hard-boiled egg and medium plum. ~110 calories

Total calorie intake: 415 calories

Total net loss: +0.8 lb (Eating late night crab toast, grilled meats and a 7-course lunch at Per Se doesn’t really help the cause!)

Compare this to Day 21, a non fast day

11:30 – 3:30 pm
salmon cornets
gruyere cheese gougeres
parker house roll w/butter
mini baguette w/butter
pearl oysters with caviar
artichoke mille-feuille salad
guinea hen with smoked foie gras shavings
roasted lamb
spiced plum and panna cotta
raspberry financiers
caramel ice cream and donuts
mini ice cream sandwiches
8:00 pm – mirin-glazed salmon with soba noodles (“light” dinner)

dessert plate at Per Se
one of 5 dessert courses. the opposite of fasting.