Time Out New York’s Grilled Cheese Meltdown 2017 Recap

It’s that time of year where it’s cold out and all you want to do is stay indoors eating comfort foods and drinking some wine. Which is why the annualĀ Time Out New York’s Grilled Cheese Meltdown, which took place on Sunday, November 13, at Hotel Eventi’s Second Floor, was such a success. A grilled cheese sandwich is one of those nostalgic snacks that takes us to a warm and fuzzy place every time, and it’s especially an effective remedy for beating the winter blues. Guests eagerly queued up for the different grilled sandwich stands on the floor, with cups of Jam Jar sweet wine and bottles of beer in tow, not caring even when the lines snaked its way across the room.

What you’ll learn from this event is that no grilled cheese sandwich is alike. Some taste a little sweet, with caramelized onions, like the one at Atwood Sports Bar & Lounge, others like the grilled cheese from Creamline come in dipping form with a side of tomato soup. The most popular grilled cheese was certainly from the folks at Raclette, in which ooey ribbons of the melted namesake cheese were doled out from big wheels. You can never go wrong with a little truffle oil in your cheese, as the staff from TheĀ Press Shop can attest to. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and traditional, which is the approach that Houseman, Noorman’s Kil and Grilled Cheese Alley took.

All that cheese adds up, so guests took a break by making a silly cheesehead video at the Jam Jar photo booth. Nothing lightens up the mood more than donning a cheese hat and bobbing your head up and down for the cameras. Tis the season for eating well, and the Grilled Cheese Meltdown kicked things off in the greatest of fashion.

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