Umami Burger Lives Up to the Hype

I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet – I went to Umami Burger for lunch today and it totally lives up to the hype. Correction – it transcended the hype. Forget any lunch plans that you’ve made for the week. Reschedule for lunch at Umami. Yes, we’ve heard about the epic 2 hour waits, but the crowds have thinned down a bit post Labor Day. During the work week, a wait for a table of 2 at prime lunch hour was a reasonable 20 minutes. Yes, it’s a work week, but do whatever you can to make it happen. Schedule some sort of “team-building” event at Umami so that work people don’t get mad. Your role as the culture carrier will win you some points, and everyone will be so excited to eat these awesome burgers. Wins all around.

the original umami burger 2
the original – don’t fix what’s not broke

I was torn between the Original and the Truffle burger, but decided that I needed to judge the merits of this restaurant based on what initially made them famous. The server recommended that I order it medium rare, and I gladly complied.

the original umami burger
this is what burger heaven looks like

Wow–this burger left me speechless. The way the succulent juices of the flavorful patty soaked into the delicious and buttery toasted bun was incredible. Even something simple like the house ketchup was amazing.¬†Somehow it really brought out the extremely satisfying savory flavors of a hamburger. The parmesan crisp was a unique touch that added some salty, sharp notes to the burger. I loved the variety of textures provided by the different vegetables, as well as the subtle earthy, sweet and and tangy flavors they lent.¬†This hamburger deserves to be awarded with the amazeballs label. I can’t wait to go back and try the Truffle burger. Unfortunately Umami doesn’t offer takeout, so a long weekend wait or an aggressive weekday lunch is in order. Don’t be surprised if I schedule a “coffee chat” over burgers in the West Village sometime in the near future.

Umami Burger
432 6th Ave. (between 9th and 10th St.)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 677-8626

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