Vinho Verde Wine Experience 2018 Recap

Portugal, a country that used to live in the shadows of more popular European peers like Spain, is suddenly the hottest place on the continent. As everyone jet sets off to Lisbon for a week of perfect weather and good food and wine, New Yorkers were lucky enough to have Portugal come to them at the 2018 Vinho Verde Wine Experience in Chelsea. Various Portuguese winemakers flew in and provided generous pours of their wine, which were paired with delicious bites and commemorated by attendees via photo booth and rooftop selfies.

The featured wines were harvested in Vinho Verde, one of the oldest wine producing regions in Portugal. The wines from this part of the world are known for their refreshing and crisp qualities, having a lot in common with the Spanish wine albarino. They’re meant for easy drinking, a Portuguese version of a vins de soif, and they’re also pretty affordable, so you could drink one everyday as your standard table white wine.

Vinho verde pairs particularly well with seafood due to its acidity, something I experienced firsthand when I stopped by Ferris‘ table and tried a cured mackerel in ponzu sauce while sipping some rose. And of course wine always goes so well with cheese, and today was no different as I nibbled my way through slices of Toma Point Reyes and Alta Badia provided by the Eataly stand.

As the night went on, the buzz started to kick in and I wanted to go outside and take in the amazing skyline around me on the rooftop at Canoe Studios. As people tried to selfie the Chelsea skyline, others got caught in the rhythm of the DJ and soon after, a dance party broke out on the floor. Perhaps it was the Dougie or the Nae-Nae, but whatever the moves were, everybody was doing it. And for a moment it felt like I was back in Lisbon, the European city where young people go to retire, hanging out and having the time of my life in the streets of Bairro Alto.

*All photos courtesy of Hammjackk Photography. 

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