West Village Italian at I Sodi

the bar at i sodi

The West Village excels at these small, charming restaurants that have the right combination of atmosphere and informality that make it perfect for a night out. Places like Little Owl or Pearl Oyster Bar come to mind as representative examples. Another restaurant that embodies the West Village spirit is I Sodi, an Italian place run by the duo that’s also behind Buvette and Via Carota, two other West Village spots that have the neighborhood charm down to a science. If you want perfected renditions of comforting Italian classics like cacio e pepe or lasagna in a picturesque, neighborhood setting, then this is the place for you. It’s small so reservations may be hard to come by, but if you pull up solo or with a friend or two at around 6, there should be some space at the bar.

bread basket costs extra, but get it

What I like about I Sodi is that it gives the people what they want. Everything on the menu looks familiar and nothing is too out there. And the portion sizes are in line with traditional expectations, meaning no tiny small plates priced outrageously high. This was the first time in a long time where we actually had to bring leftovers home from a restaurant. The scene also isn’t obnoxious. It was a good mix of old-time regulars, couples on dates, people with their parents and small groups. Basically it’s great for all dining occasions because it isn’t loud or trying too hard.

insalata di baccelli – salad with fava bean, radish, onions and fresh pecorino
cacio e pepe
coniglio in porchetta – rabbit wrapped in “rigatina” and roasted with rosemary and garlic

An ideal meal for two here would consist of a starter, a pasta and an entree. And the bread basket is an extra $2, but it’s worth the money. I would recommend any seasonal specials that might be available, as the restaurant is especially adept at working with fresh vegetables, which explains why our fava bean salad was so effective. The bartender mentioned that the cacio e pepe is the people’s choice of pasta, and he was certainly right about that. I immediately jumped on that bandwagon after trying the perfect al dente strands of cheesy, peppery noodles. The meat options run the gamut from fish to chicken to steak, and whatever you decide upon, the platter will be big and hearty. It really does feel like you’re having a perfect sit-down Sunday supper somewhere, and you’d be more than happy to keep coming back and making this a tradition.

I Sodi
105 Christopher St (between Hudson and Bleecker St)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 414-5774