Kong Hans Kælder – Upscale French in Copenhagen

hors d’oeuvres at kong hans kaelder

For a truly upscale and elegant dinner affair in Copenhagen, nothing beats a dinner at Kong Hans Kaelder, a two Michelin star restaurant focused on French cooking. The restaurants in Copenhagen tend to lean casual, but the vibe is very fancy at Kong Hans Kaelder. People are dressed very well and the dining room is reminiscent of an underground wine cavern. You feel like you are at an intimidate dinner party, where the guests are ready for champagne and lots and lots of caviar. It’s an evening of polished excess, and Kong Hans Kaelder delivers this experience very well.

What I loved about our meal at Kong Hans Kaelder is how much effort was made towards making this a very memorable experience. There was theater and dramatic flair at almost every course. The menu arrived in the form of a playful letter sealed in an old-school stamp. The hors d’oeuvres came in the prettiest formats, colorful and complementing the beautiful china plates at all angles. An overhead shot of the whole thing looked like a museum painting. The staff arrives to serve different courses on trolleys, and it’s so obvious that they are well trained as you watch them filet fish in a manner that you could never match. It’s like being in a lush food tv show in real life. And the food tastes more traditional, so there are no wild blasts of herbs and pine trees that will season your meal, they are intended to be elegant crowd-pleasers.

Because this is classical French cooking, everything will be very rich. There’s lots of butter and caviar and food laying in billowy foam. It starts off light, but then it ends with their pièce de résistance, an exquisite pigeon baked in a puff pastry. Pigeon is not something that Americans really eat, so if you have to eat one, this is the place to do it. They pull out all the stops here. Not only is there a buttery puff pastry covering the meat, but inside the pigeon breast is layered with goose foie gras. It is so very extra in a French kind of way. You just might get gout after eating this.

I do have quite a sweet tooth, so my favorite portion of the dinner was dessert time. Again, Kong Hans Kaelder really shines bright here. They brought out a dessert trolley full of the most delicious treats and basically told us you can have all of these. In addition to the generous petit fours, we could also order a proper dessert like a cake or flambeed strawberries. Because I could not resist the theatre that comes with fire, I ordered the flambe and was thrilled by the flames that erupted when the rum splashed into the copper pan. This is dinner performance at its finest, and sure, you paid top dollar for it, but it was worth every single cent.

Kong Hans Kaelder
Vingårdstræde 6, 1070 København, Denmark
+45 33 11 68 68
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