Sixty Three Clinton – Michelin Tasting Menu in Lower East Side

I really enjoyed the tasting menu at Sixty Three Clinton, a new restaurant in the Lower East Side that specializes in elevated, modern American fare. There are so many places doing this kind of cuisine that it’s hard to see how Sixty Three Clinton can stand out, but truly it’s been one of my favorite new restaurants in New York City this year. There can be ups and downs in a tasting, but the meal at Sixty Three Clinton never reallly lost a step. It’s not surprising that they earned a Michelin star earlier this fall.

While the restaurant describes its food as modern American, Asian flavors and ingredients are very influential. Now that I think about it, maybe the key theme in all these dishes is that they are elevated versions of American and Asian comfort foods. The first course, the breakfast taco, is a signature at Sixty Three Clinton. It’s a very clean and modern version of what usually consists of tortillas overstuffed with egg and cheese. There’s just one slightly spicy hashed brown topped with roe and a few herbs and a boiled egg in a small tortilla. It’s like a taco with a hand roll sensibility. The next course, the Spanish mackerel, was distinctively Asian in its presentation, and the wonderful sashimi slices were equivalent to something you’d find at the start of an omakase. While the name of the third course, the Demkota Ranch beef tartare, seemed to signal Americana, the Asian pears and leeks made it more ambiguous but no less delicious. The kabocha squash soup was a star–the texture and flavor were absolutely on point, and I loved the smoky peppers in the broth.

The next three courses, to be honest, were not as memorable. I don’t remember the sweet potato at all, the green circle chicken was solid but nothing more, and the baked alaska dessert was a little lacking. It’s not that they tasted bad, but they were not as punchy as the preceding dishes. And I also did not try the signature add-on, the caviar handroll, but by the end of the meal I was too full and also had too much wine. Even though the meal lost a little steam towards the end, I would absolutely come back on another day and see what else the Sixty Three Clinton team is up to during another season.

Sixty Three Clinton
63 Clinton St (between Rivington and Stanton St)
New York, NY 10002
(917) 663-6223
Reservations on Resy.