Kong Hans Kælder – Upscale French in Copenhagen

hors d’oeuvres at kong hans kaelder

For a truly upscale and elegant dinner affair in Copenhagen, nothing beats a dinner at Kong Hans Kaelder, a two Michelin star restaurant focused on French cooking. The restaurants in Copenhagen tend to lean casual, but the vibe is very fancy at Kong Hans Kaelder. People are dressed very well and the dining room is reminiscent of an underground wine cavern. You feel like you are at an intimidate dinner party, where the guests are ready for champagne and lots and lots of caviar. It’s an evening of polished excess, and Kong Hans Kaelder delivers this experience very well.

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Le Pavillon in Midtown East

When people would say New York City is dead, I would always point out the busy outdoor restaurants downtown to prove otherwise. But Midtown was a different story. It really did feel like the everyone had left this part of town. With people working from home and Broadway having gone dark, was there any real reason for Midtown to exist? So when I went to dinner at Le Pavillon, the new Daniel Boulud restaurant that opened at a Midtown office tower, I was relieved to see that things were back. The crowd seemed to reflect precovid clientele – date-nights, the finance bros, and even out-of-town guests! You know things are really back when the tourists are back.

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Frenchette in Tribeca

Once in awhile we always hear about that one annoying kid in high school who wasn’t that great but somehow got into Harvard. Someone like a Jared Kushner. That’s how I feel about Frenchette, the critically acclaimed French bistro in Tribeca that’s been on many “Best of 2018” restaurant lists. On the surface, it looks very pretty and polished, and there were glimmers of brilliant potential, but the meal lost a lot of steam very early on.

At the beginning of our dinner, I did indeed feel as if I had a seat at the table of one of the best restaurants in New York City. We had ordered the spanish omelette, and I was really blown away by it. It was truly better than a lot of the omelettes I had at tapas bars in Spain, and I could envision this plate coming out of the kitchen of Barrafina, an excellent restaurant in London.

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La Mercerie in Soho

la mercerie in soho

La Mercerie in Soho is such a beautiful restaurant that it could just coast by on its looks and be successful. The space is quite stunning, as it serves double duty as a dining room and as a showroom for exquisite and expensive home furnishings. You almost feel obligated to dress up a little so that you don’t ruin the look and feel of the place, which goes well with Gucci and Celine, less so with anything much more modest.Read More

Augustine, a Piece of Paris in Financial District

augustine at the beekman hotel

It used to be the case that the reasons you found yourself in the Financial District were that a) you worked at Goldman Sachs or b) you had newly moved to an apartment in the area and didn’t know any better. Now, however, the Financial District has evolved considerably beyond being an abandoned lot occupied by 20-something analysts living in converted office buildings. There are fast-casual restaurants open past the hours of 6 pm, the splashy shopping center Brookfield Place is nearby, and the luxury Beekman Hotel recently opened to validate the Financial District’s improving status in the world.Read More