Nordic Eats at Almanak in Grand Central’s Great Northern Food Hall

great northern food hall at grand central

“Why don’t we meet up at Grand Central for a bite to eat?” said no one ever. Unless you and your friend are both catching the same train and want to enter the circus that is the Lower Level Dining Concourse. Or if you work in Midtown East and your colleagues want to grab drinks at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Or maybe you don’t like your friend and you’re subtly trying to convey this by suggesting an undesirable location. But the dining options have come a long way at Grand Central, thanks to Claus Meyer, a culinary entrepreneur who recently opened the Great Northern Food Hall┬áto bring high quality Nordic cuisine to the station. Now you can get artisanal rye breads and nutritious Danish porridge on your daily commute.Read More

A Scandinavian Lunch With a Side of Two Michelin Stars at Aquavit

aquavit in midtown, cozy and refined

By now, you’re probably aware of the popular Scandinavian concept of “hygge” or coziness. That’s the word I’d use to describe my experience at Aquavit, the two Michelin star Scandinavian restaurant in Midtown run by chef Emma Bengtsson. High end lunches at restaurants of this caliber tend to feel pretty formal and efficient–order the prix fixe, then get in and out in less than an hour for your next business meeting–but at Aquavit, our meal felt relaxed and pleasant. With peaceful jazz music playing in the background and tasteful throws placed on the backs of chairs, the main dining room at Aquavit feels like a refined lounge that calls on you to put your feet up and enjoy yourself for awhile.Read More